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Subject: new.txt: url encoding in file names
Author: Frank Schweickert
Date: 11/10/2002 11:47
It's not a big issue, but the file names in new.txt are not 
always correct, if the link has url-encoded characters (I 
fix that in my Perl script but I was not sure, if you knew 
that, because I remember you had already fixed the file 
name itself, one day):

for instance, this line from news.txt

23:41:35	4413/4413	------	200	untouched 
('OK')	text/html	date:Sat,%2009%20Nov%202002%
2020:39:54%20GMT	www.hal-
20Pius/Browian%20Motion.html	browian%20motion.html
	(from )

points actually to a file
"browian motion.html"

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11/10/2002 11:47

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