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Subject: Ampersandsomething;
Author: Ole
Date: 11/12/2002 03:10
Hey -

Experiencing a somewhat similar problem here....

When the ampersand in a url querystring is encoded as
& a m p ;
it is not decoded to simply an & -sign.
I can't really think of a case where the unencoded string 
should be used, as you'd normally encode using the %
something syntax instead.

And, - it would really be useful with a regexp pane in the 
options, where you could make regexp substitutions in 
urls. This could be with the option of adding the regexp'd 
url, or to replace the parsed url.

And, something else. What about sites with sequentially 
numbered files like 001.sth, 002.sth, 003.sth and so on... 
would it be possible to make a sequenced-files option, 
maybe even using the former regexp-function to define 
urls, that should be tried with a user-defined sequencing 
pattern. (my case is a comic strip from a newspaper, that 
doesn't link to the older files, but keep them online :o)

That's all for now. And i'll try looking into the source 

Keep up the good work!
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