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Subject: Get only .mp3 files from specific site
Author: Daniallo
Date: 04/04/2019 13:42

I'm trying to download a whole load of podcasts from a site. They are all
available to download & split into a page for each month.
It was hard to mirror as the links to the months were accessed from a dropdown
As the pages all have the same address layout eg. /may-2018, I created a text
file with the links on. This is one of the links:


This will list all the podcasts for the month with a download MP3 link thatis
located externally at:

<[inividual.mp3> link]

So, all I want to get is the .mp3 files from & nothing

Currently the mirroring seems to stall scanning each indiviual episode page
which has 2 links, 1 is just the episode number "/episodes/p2238" the other
has a ?play argument "/p2238/?play"

It's been running for a total of 80 minutes now & all I have is 22MB of index

I have mirroring set to 2 levels, likewise with external mirroring. 

How should I set the rules to jut get the .mp3 files & nothing else?

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Get only .mp3 files from specific site

04/04/2019 13:42
Re: Get only .mp3 files from specific site

04/08/2019 17:37


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