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Subject: Re: Get only .mp3 files from specific site
Author: Darren
Date: 04/08/2019 17:37
I have just done a similar thing with the free Desert Island Discs archive on
I too could not get this to work without some probably unnecessary messing

First, I scraped the 'base' URL using HTTrack for the programme names (in your
case, episode numbers)

In your case scrape

Abort the scrape after some time or check your existing scrape if you did not
delete it and then look for the folder:

Hopefully, you will find lots of episode numbers, for example: 2767, 2815,

Do a DOS DIR to text file to get a list of the episode numbers

Create a list of URLs with format:
NUMBER from list above
for example:

Start a new project in HTTrack, name it and paste you list of URLs under Web
Addresses: (URL)
go to Set options, Scan Rules and add this to limit downloads

-*.gif -*.jpg -*.jpeg -*.png -*.tif -*.bmp
-*.zip -*.tar -*.tgz -*.gz -*.rar -*.z -*.exe
-*.mov -*.mpg -*.mpeg -*.avi -*.asf -*.mp2 -*.rm -*.wav -*.vob -*.qt -*.vid
-*.ac3 -*.wma -*.wmv

hope that that is clear even if it is long winded

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Get only .mp3 files from specific site

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Re: Get only .mp3 files from specific site

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