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Subject: S.O.S: Please Help
Author: Sanjay Das
Date: 11/20/2002 01:02
Greetings & SOS to all,

Please help.

We four friends (novices) are downloading the site (please renter the URL in the address 
bar again and go, as the first 'enter' takes to the site) from our home in differene PCs. We 
have been struggling with HTT for the last two days and 
nights and without meeting our intended purpose. 

The AskMe site is a free forum, with atleast 2.5 million 
question & answers in its archive. The site has 3500 
categories and subcategories, & it would be discontinued 
from Nov, 25th.

Please provide us a certain methodology as to how we can 
separately download site-parts downloading separate 
categories, using filters and adding the different 
portions, downloaded in different PCs. 

Separate subcategories of the site are accessible in the 
site as example cid=1234:

Home > Business & Careers > Small Business: 

Home > Technology & the Web > PCs: 


For the enormous volume of the site and very limited 
available time, we are proceeding on by-part basis on each 
of our PCs.

We have tried the filter with the two of the following, to 
download only one category (cid=861) as a test:


But for both, the 'File download information' shows other 
categories are being downloaded as well.

Please direct us as to how we can:
1. Filter as to we can download only one category in one 
project, not any other categories in a PC,

2. Would the above Scan Rules work if we use*cid=1* .........*cid=3600*  ?
3. How can we add different categories downloaded in 
different PCs, located in different places ?
Please guide us successfully as to how we can download as 
many subcategories as possible, if not all, as we can add 
PCs from Internet cafes.

We would be truly thankful & remain genuinely grateful, if 
you would please help.

Warm regards,

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S.O.S: Please Help

11/20/2002 01:02
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