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Subject: Re: S.O.S: Please Help
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/20/2002 07:40

Warning: pc-regexp are NOT handled, only limited regexp!

Use simpler expressions such as:*cid=1**cid=2**cid=3**cid=3*foo=*bar=*

> But for both, the 'File download information' shows other 
> categories are being downloaded as well.

Use strict filters, that is, start using -* to exclde 
everything, then accept file by file, such as (this is only 
an example):
-***cid=* ..

> 2. Would the above Scan Rules work if we use 
>*cid=1* ......... 
>*cid=3600*  ?

> 3. How can we add different categories downloaded in 
> different PCs, located in different places ?> Please guide us successfully
as to how we can download as 
> many subcategories as possible, if not all, as we can add 
> PCs from Internet cafes.

This will be harder, because you can not "merge" multiple 
caches, unfortunately.. the problem is not obvious, and 
unfortunately I doubt there is a simple solution. You can 
download using multiple sessions, but you'll have to merge 
by hand all of them after that.

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