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Subject: Is this a memory leak
Author: ItsMe20333
Date: 07/22/2019 18:47
WinHTTrack is scanning a site that probably has about 6,000,000 or so pages.  I
started it scanning a couple of weeks ago and it crashed after about 5 or 6

I have upped the limits on most parameters, such as the maximum possible
links, and other parameters as well.

I restarted the scan about 4 days ago and it is scanning again.  The memory
usage shown in task manager has been gradually increasing and it is currently
using 1.5GB of RAM.  I have 32GB in the machine, but I am wondering if that is
what caused the crash in the earlier attempt when it hit some limit of usage
within WinHTTrack itself.

So far it shows links scanned of 253,159/1,837,669, and files written of
1,834,871.  The bytes saved is 84.46 GB, and I have about 800 gb free on the
drive where this is stored.

I can see that this is possibly a memory leak.  I can also see that perhaps
its's normal operation of the program where it is going to keep certain things
in memory for each of links scanned, etc.

Does this memory usage seem like it is a memory leak, or if it is normal

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07/22/2019 18:47
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