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Subject: Re: S.O.S: Please Help
Author: Sanjay Das
Date: 11/21/2002 02:20

Great. Hats off to HTT and yourself. The Scan Rule (-***cid=*) worked 100% 
perfectly, and now the HTT is downloading one and only one 
category. Thank you endlessly and I indeed remain grateful.

I request you to please let me know the following 
reagrding the HTT and the download going on now, on the 
basis that we are very much new. 

1. How many as such category can I run in a project with 
HTT (the category URLs during the start of the HTT and in 
the Scan Rules), without much disturbing the download 
2. How many multi-URLs HTT project can I run in parallel 
in a PC without disturbing the download speed?
3. Is it possible to locate an original URL of a 
particular type of HTML files that are saved 
as "maillinkit3e67", "maillinkit3f624", "maillinkit04a8" 
etc. ?
4. We do not need "maillingkit...." HTML files for to be 
downloaded, and in all they have taken-up around 20% of 
the space. The corresponding URLs are, 
ingeneral, where cid is for categories, xid for experts & 
vid for question & answers. How do we filter-out these 
HTML files, irrespective of their cid, xid, vid. 

Would this Scan Rule work ?*maillingkit.asp* or something else.

Please let us know of the corresponding Scan Rule.

5. During the download, the HTTP shows 'Links Scanned', 
Files Updated (with a %) - please explain the terms. Is 
there any way, how I understand how much download is 
remaining ?
It would be of real help to us if you would please let us 
know on the aspects. 

Look forward to your response.

Warm regards,
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