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Subject: How do I copy a site IP?
Author: slasher
Date: 11/06/2019 02:59
I have a site
On the local server
For example: <http://51.65.444.11>
All my pages look like this
This is displayed when I go to the home screen
It doesn't display like this at <http://51.65.444.11/home>
A programmer designed it for me
I want to copy the information
But I don't want to run the program that I want to copy
When the site is running ask me for a username and password
In total, there are 5 users on the site, me and him
After logging in I have an admin panel
But I can only monitor users
How do I copy the site after entering my username and password?If you need to
see this site, give me an email to post it. I can't post here.

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11/06/2019 02:59
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