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Subject: Extern Depth problem
Author: Arthur
Date: 11/26/2002 14:07
Hello Every 1 !
Want to say that HtTrack is THE GREAT tool, Must have, 
can't do without ...

I posted this mail on the ML list this morning, it does not 
seem to be have been copied on the forum, though I saw in 
my box a message posted here ??? ... Bad luck, so I post it 
here for a second time, hope I won't bother you with my 
stupid question :

I'm french user, why do I say I'm french user ? because I 
have a problem and I will try to explain it in English, so 
the terms I use are my translations from the french 
language version I am using, no doubt they won't exactly 
match your's.

I am insterested in ONE file type in a web site. So in the 
Filtering tab, 
for example, I type -* +*.mid
but, to get the whole *.mid files, event the sub pages, I 
add +*.html +*.htm (could be *.htm* ?) for HtTrack to scan 
To stay in this web site, in the Limit tab, I type 0 in 
front of External 
Depth ("Profondeur extérieure" in French).
To get the *.mid files linked in the site's pages but 
located on another server, in the Link tab, I tick on
the option box titled something like "Capture near non HTML 

I thought this was the right way to get the *.mid files of 
a site, and it would take a snap (or so, when limiting web 
But my problem is that WinHtTrack seems to be grabbing the 
whole world's mid and htm? files ???
Do you see something wrong in my options  ?
Thank you all !


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11/26/2002 14:07
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