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Subject: Re: Blurry images after downloading wixsite
Author: Hayden
Date: 07/14/2020 11:38
> Hi everyone
> I'm trying to download a website created on wix, but
> once I download the website, all the images are
> blurry, possibly compressed in some way. The images
> appear to be normal when accessing the website
> online. I noticed that the names of the images all
> contain "blur" in it...? Does anyone know how to
> sort out this issue? This problem has only occurred
> recently after possibly having messed up some
> settings; I have tried downloading the website prior
> but with clear images. I am currently using the
> default settings but with no robots.txt rules.
> Any help will be amazing!:) Thanks

Also, I've tried downloading individual pages of the website using the browser
"save as" button and the images turn out just fine. So any problem with the
images should definitely be with the winhttrack app...
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Blurry images after downloading wixsite

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Re: Blurry images after downloading wixsite

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