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Subject: Flash and asp, php, cfm files
Author: Dan
Date: 12/04/2002 17:54
Using HTTrack3.22 to mirror <> The 
links in the swf menu file  were uncorrectly read : Httrack 
looked for rides&attractions.php instead of 
ridesattractions.php, functions&events.php instead of 
functionsevents.php, etc
Same problem with <> and an asp 
Other problems described here if you have time : 

In order to have a working capture, and as swf files cannot 
be modified, I copy the html files of the capture and 
rename the copies with a php or asp extension. Could you 
implement having two versions (html + asp or php or 
cfm ...) of the same file in a future version ?

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Flash and asp, php, cfm files

12/04/2002 17:54
Re: Flash and asp, php, cfm files

12/09/2002 20:48


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