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Subject: Re: Flash and asp, php, cfm files
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/09/2002 20:48
> Using HTTrack3.22 to mirror <> The 
> links in the swf menu file  were uncorrectly read : 
> looked for rides&attractions.php instead of 
> ridesattractions.php, functions&events.php instead of 
> functionsevents.php, etc

Yes, I just checked, and the links given by the 
MacroMedia's routines are rides&attractions, 
functions&events and so on.. this is quite weird, and I 
suspect a bug in the extraction API. I'll have to dig 
deeper in the api.

I can't really do anything useful, except debugging the API 
behind (the code is from Macromedia), I have added this on 
the TODO list!

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Flash and asp, php, cfm files

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Re: Flash and asp, php, cfm files

12/09/2002 20:48


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