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Subject: What if an actual website will be taken down?
Author: Nordic peak
Date: 09/20/2020 00:52

I recently downloaded (supposedly) all images from a local, old site that will
be taken down very soon. I have to admit, the whole technical thing is a
little hard for me to follow, so I can't really describe in-depth what I did
-- I downloaded HTTTrack, chose all images to be downloaded and eliminated
some unneccesary stuff.

Now I have a question -- will the site being taken down affects the mirror
site in theory? In theory, because my current mirror site needs to be
re-downloaded I guess: the main menu looks neat offline and hasn't been
updated with the original site, but then if I want to search something, it
leads me to the actual page which is not really helpful in terms of offline
browsing and the site being gone soon. 

I would really enjoy to have a mirror offline site containing most data, which
is far easier, I guess, than to browse in a Pacific Ocean of different cryptic
folders and dead ends saved by the program into my computer. I don't quite
have a computer education slash Map or GPS for this, to know what is supposed
to be where and how and when. :=p I'm not sure if that contains everything, or
how to navigate, many links there and dead ends to meet. The last sentence
were tied with another question: can anyone give me some advice how to avoid
such thing and actually get a complete, offline copy with search bar etc? Or
at least how to make sure I have all data existing within my folders. 

I need to re-do the "homework". Would sum it up like this:

1) will HTTTrack mirror site work if the actual site is being taken down?
Which means, can I save it for offline browsing without those links leading me
to the actual page and how? I thought I were doing this, but visiting the
link-mirror site, not entirely sure. Perhaps I did some clicks wrong. Would
cherish to be certain in what I shall click for such purpose.

2) I basically have, in this endless Pacific Ocean of empty folders and dead
ends, a huge folder full of usernames saved in my desktop. Many are empty
(that might make sense because every user doesn't have images in this
particular site) but those who do, have links that lead me to the actual site.
This doesn't seem right, because the site is gonna be taken down, I would be
grateful for an offline site available to browse.
Could you give me some directions to complete the following: to save every
image from that site into my computer, and preferingly, into some logical
mirror site that allows me to browse as I would do online (so that I would
have chance to find certain stuff by keywords). And without those links
leading me to the online site -- critical, it will be taken down. :=) 
oh, also I had few other folders with images, containing links that led me to
the offline page but the images themselves, after previews, were gone... I
would just like to get it all done and be sure I have managed to.
comment: the site is not too big. It's neat, but not too big. I can't tell
numbers, but the site has never been global, it's pretty aged and my device is
almost empty.

My text appears to be a maze. If you reached that far, here's a candy for you.
It's cherry-flavoured.

Yours faithfully
Nordic peak

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What if an actual website will be taken down?

09/20/2020 00:52
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