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Subject: --Update not working (+ feedback)
Author: Graham
Date: 12/09/2002 16:45
[ 3.22-2-noV6+swf (compiled Nov 17 2002) ]
I am having difficulty generating an AT job / a scheduled 
task on our Win2K server to update a web mirror project.

First I tried using the command line options on WinHTTrack 
(this was before I discovered the other HTTrack EXE!).  If 
I start it from my base web mirror directory, using --
update --quiet, it just pops up the GUI and waits for me to 
click Next (although it does select the named project).  
This seems a strange presentation: if the appplication 
accepts all the command line options, can it not present 
the GUI and work like the command-line version?  (Assuming 
all the required command line swtiches are given for proper 

Since then, I have tried to get the command line version to 
do the automatic update, so I can use it in my scheduled 
task.  From the appropriate website mirror directory (where 
lives the <site>.whtt file and directory) I run the 
following command:
<full path>\HTTrack.Exe -O <site> --update

I deliberately leave off the actual web address, hoping 
that HTTrack will take all relevant settings from the .whtt 
file.  This would allow anyone to change the settings in 
the GUI application without having Admin. access to change 
the scheduled task definitions.  This seems to work (damned 
clever this HTTrack!) as the displayed message says it is 
updating from <http://<site>/detail.asp> (as defined in the 
project in the GUI version).

Unfortunately, it prints this message, and then says Done! 
and stops.  There are over 900 links in detail.asp (the 
page detail.asp is a database generated page, but all the 
links are .pdf files).  Even with 1MBS link it should take 
several seconds to scan the timestamp of all those files, 
and I only have a 64K ISDN connection!
What's the best way of checking that HTTrack is doing the 
job that has been requested of it?  Am I asking too much of 
it, making too much of an assumption about how clever it is?

It's a damned clever program and I am most impressed so 
far.  There are couple of extra little features that would 
be useful, but as open-source projects go, this has to be 
one of the best I've encountered.  Good work!

Judging by the on-line manual, the previous version would 
page its help display (--help, or <blank line> when using 
command line mode).  This version just scrolls many pages 
of text.  I piped it into a file and processed it into a 
fancy-looking printed reference, but it would, I am sure, 
be very useful for some people if it would page itself 
instead of scrolling...

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