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Subject: Re: --Update not working (+ feedback)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/09/2002 20:20
> First I tried using the command line options on 

Ah, this is not possible (and this should be in the 
documentation, yes, I know..), the GUI is not very clever, 
and is just a frontend to the libhttrack.dll engine.

> I deliberately leave off the actual web address, hoping 
> that HTTrack will take all relevant settings from 
the .whtt 
> file.  

Not the .whtt file, but the doit.log file generated by the 
engine AFTER you click "Start" using the GUI. Yes, this is 
not as good as it should, but the engine can't (yet) read 
the .ini format, only the doit.log generated using commands 
passed by the GUI. Therefore, if you modify the options, 
you'll have to launch the mirror, and then click on abort 
(or close the gui)

> Unfortunately, it prints this message, and then says 
> and stops.  There are over 900 links in detail.asp (the 

Ahah. But did you tell httrack that it had to crawl ALL 
sites in this page? By default, httrack only fetch address 
that are "near" the starting urls (same domain, same or 
lower structures):

httrack --mirrorlinks --update ...

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