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Subject: HTML not translated
Author: Philippe FEN
Date: 10/18/2020 17:44
I use HTTrack for years to save my Jimdo site
<> and was up to now fully satisfied.

Recently, having made no important change on my PC Toshiba with the last
Windows 10 release, I have encountered significant defaults when saving : the
operation does not end normally (asking to suppress a file supposed to be
empty when it is not) and providing a significant percentage of the pages with
HTML code not translated when part of the other pages continue to be
reproduced correctly. 
It seems that no page is forgotten but around 50% are HTML code. I have not
diagnose any rule for this : "old" pages are no longer translated when news
can be, pages of first level are concerned and pages of second level also with
no obvious logic. 
Thanks for your help.     

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HTML not translated

10/18/2020 17:44
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