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Subject: disable security limits not working
Author: JB
Date: 01/12/2021 13:46
Using 3.49-2 of Httrack, and in the GUI - Scan Rules: aded my filters plus the
option --disable-security-limits--max-rate 5000000.

its everything set "as is", and  increased number of concurrent traders to "4"
I ran up net limiter under Windows and confirmed at best I can only get 800k
in HTTtrack..

Transfers start of ok at 2.9x MB/s but then they slow to 587K, (608.00Kib)

Everything about HTTrack is great, but this is one serious limitation if can't
even get 1Mbps (let alone 50), on my NBN connection, while any other app works
a full speed.

Is there any option I'm missing here? Confirmed its not wi-fii probem, just
app problem.

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disable security limits not working

01/12/2021 13:46


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