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Subject: Re: commas
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/18/2002 23:17

Well, this is on the TODO list, but as this isn't very easy 
to handle, this will take some time.

>       <param name='files' 
> value='power.txt,electricity.txt,energy.txt,history.txt'>

This one is MUCH more problematic: a value can have any 
potential mean.. the parser shouldn't take a filename with 
an embedded ',' when crawling with the 'attempt to detect 
all links' mode - I'll fix that.

Aside from that, no problems during the capture? The 
keepalive mode hasn't been tested very aggressively, so I'm 
not totally sure it is absolutely safe.
But I hope it will improve link testing a lot, and overall 
speed (especially for small files)
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