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Subject: Re: Keepalive version (was: commas)
Author: Leto
Date: 12/18/2002 23:29
> Aside from that, no problems during the capture? The 
> keepalive mode hasn't been tested very aggressively, so I'm 
> not totally sure it is absolutely safe.
> But I hope it will improve link testing a lot, and overall 
> speed (especially for small files)

I have been the Keepalive version in a few tests, without any noticeable
problems.  I do not know, though, how well I have been testing the actual
"keepalive" as I think this is dependant on the server sending the appropriate
HTTP header.

If the header "Connection: close" is NOT sent, does this mean keepalive will
be used by HTTrack?  Or is there an explicit header to keep connections
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