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Subject: Re: HTTrack vs webmasters
Author: Renardrouge
Date: 01/27/2003 21:45
ok, let's go, sorry for my "french english":

> I am a user of HTTrack, yet i also have a web page and do 
> and also webmasters themselves.

So ?It's a justification for crashing others servers ?You know the problems so

> Consider where your argument is leading. Baseball bats
> are for playing baseball, but they have also been used 
> many times to injure or even kill humans and animals. 

How many do that ?95 % of people, with bats, _only_ play baseball.

How many people can crash server with 'default' settings of 
Httrack ? Bad news. 95% too.

> because it comes with source code which can be modified. 

Only few people can do that. 10 years old children can't do 
that. Sames can crash servers, steal bandwitdh, etc.

> All because a relatively 
> very small number of users choose to use the baseball 
> bat 'improperly'.

Few people ? You're joking ? The default setting of web 
site copier are very very very violent for a server. I can 
provide some graphix if you want.

In another post, Xavier said:
"Yes. My ISP refuses most offline browsers, INCLUDING 
httrack. I told them that is was crazy, but without 

Why a great french ISP, can be "crasy" in your mind ?I told Xavier his tool
is, now, crasy but without success.

> What is the difference between using HTTrack limited to
> one single connection and someone using an interactive 
> browser  clicking though links?
Speed. Bandwitdh. Charge. Cost.

> If i limit the connections to one 
> single connection, then i feel it is VERY fair to use 
> HTTrack to grab files from that site and IGNORE the 
> robots.txt file.

You can overide webmaster choices because YOU think YOU are 
fair ? Copyrights notice are fair too ?
Where is the difference in a robots.txt between "Hey, I'am 
fair" and "COPYRIGHT NOTICE WARNING" ? Show me.

> You might ask why don't i just use an 
> interactive browser? Well, perhaps i am disabled and
> moving 
> the mouse around and clicking links is slow and painful. 
> Perhaps i pay for my connection by the minute and would 
> rather download a little faster and then read off-line.

Webmaster don't pay server usage ? Bandwitdh ? They don't 
provide services for most people ? You thing most of the 
web sites are made for this usage ? For httrack users only ?
For costs of one user using htrack, I can provide services 
for 1 000 fairs users. You see the difference now ?
You want my web site ? ok. Buy the CD-ROM. I'll provide it 
to you if you ask.

> I could go on with such examples,
Go on. Me too.

> but i hope you understand my point.

Why is allways to webmasters to understand (and fix/pay) ?You speak of
tolerance ?Ok, be tolerant with webmasters too.

I hope you understand my point too. Some web site copier 
deal with robots.txt without possibilites to override. 
Httrack can't do it ?Httrack can't respect the choices of webmasters ?
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