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Subject: Re: 8.3 not working?
Author: Dave Thompson
Date: 02/06/2003 20:31
Hi all, this is an interesting thread. I'm using 3.22.3 not 
the beta's. I've been getting very long folder names when 
archiving, folder names that 
contain blank spaces and assorted shift chars. I copied an 
example of this to CD to show a colleague, burning the 
archive to CD on my iMac. The long folder names 'survived' 
the ISO standard burn that the iMac forces me to use and I 
can still browse the archive on my IBM. Am I right in 
assuming that adding -lo to a URL ( -lo)will 
force 8.3 file names but not change folder names? BTW I'd 
still be interested in knowing why I'm getting blanks etc 
in my very long folder names. Thanks for all the work 
Xavier, dnt
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