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Subject: Re: 8.3 not working?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/06/2003 21:45
> Hi all, this is an interesting thread. I'm using 3.22.3 
> the beta's. I've been getting very long folder names when 
> archiving, folder names that 
> contain blank spaces and assorted shift chars. I copied 
> example of this to CD to show a colleague, burning the 
> archive to CD on my iMac. The long folder 
names 'survived' 
> the ISO standard burn that the iMac forces me to use and 
> can still browse the archive on my IBM. Am I right in 
> assuming that adding -lo to a URL ( -lo)will 
> force 8.3 file names but not change folder names? BTW I'd 
> still be interested in knowing why I'm getting blanks etc 
> in my very long folder names.

Err, you mean -L0 ?
L0 option does the following:
- limits filenames to 30 characters
- limits directory names to 30 characters
- replaces all -, = and + by _

The 8-3 option does just limit directory+filenames to 8+3 

The only problem for 'ISO9660' names is that I could never 
find CLEAR specifications on what is authorized and what is 
NOT (like a 256-ascii map table with 'OK' and 'NOT OK')

(and, maybe, ISO9660 is a bad name, should I say 'joliet' 
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