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Subject: Pause button
Author: Daniel Hrbac
Date: 02/08/2003 14:39

do you plan in any near future implement pause button. The
current pause used in HTTrack actually stops the transfer
and allows me to start new one. Function I miss is stopping
the transfer and possibility to unpause the transfer from
the point I paused it. 
Example1: I am downloading more than 300 MB over a ISDN
dial-up. I run HTTrack on Friday evening and want to stop it
on Sunday evening. Next Friday I would like to continue at
the point I ended. Since the site is quite slow, I do not
want to go throught all 200MB I allready downloaded, because
it will take a day or so. The place does not changes often,
so there is not a danger, that the plase will change during
the week. 
Example2: I am downloading site every night when I surf.
Since the site gets larger it gets about an 20 minutes for
HTTrack to startdownloading. Before it just verifies old
files allredy downloaded. 

What you think. Is that possible.


Daniel Hrbac

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02/08/2003 14:39
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