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Subject: index not created correctly
Author: Jimmy Van Broeck
Date: 02/18/2003 11:27
Hi all,

i am using httrack for indexing purposes of my site. My 
site is running on php. When i run httrack the index.txt is 
created succesfully, but the links are to random html files 
instead of the real links, which i need for the search 

	1 jva002_8080/staging/index.html
	1 jva002_8080/staging/modules6f98.html
	1 jva002_8080/staging/modules91e8.html
	1 jva002_8080/staging/modulesb545.html
	1 jva002_8080/staging/modulesc57b.html

the links should be like this 
modules?name=news&id=3 or something

Is this possible??

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