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Subject: Re: 3.03BETA
Author: Leto
Date: 07/03/2001 06:51
Ah, Xavier, you're brilliant.  I have used 3.03 now 
and it works fine.  The problem I was having with 
email addresses in the forms is now no longer a 
problem. Thank you!

I notice that you have also added the querystring to 
links (a request I think by another forum poster).  
While this is a nice feature, I really think there 
should be an option to turn it off.


On the bug front again: I have run into two problems 
with some links.  We have a few external links like


but HTTrack rewrites the link as


:-(  Is this just because of the weird URL?  I know 
HTTrack doesn't work with HTTPS, but this is external 
and should not be following the link...

The second thing is with this link (this is an actual 
A HREF link, not IMG SRC):


which becomes:


Any ideas?  Other than that, everything is perfect.
-- Leto
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