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Subject: Re: 3.03BETA
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/04/2001 11:08
> The problem I was having with 
> email addresses in the forms is now no longer a 
> problem. Thank you!

Thanks! :)

> <>
> but HTTrack rewrites the link as
> https__/

Darn!! Shouldn't be! I'll check that asap

> which becomes:
> ../_geoffs/pyramid.jpg

This is totally normal. The ~ has to be converted into 
_ because many OSes and filesystems have troubles with 
this character. I don't know if this is fine with 
Windows, but Linux tend to turn crazy with that (the ~ 
means "home directory"). Because the projects can be 
shared between OSes (updating a Windows mirror on 
Linux), specific characters have to be renamed

This is the same for ":",";" or other 
potentially "dangerous" characters

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