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Subject: About javascript?
Author: Louis
Date: 02/25/2003 03:50
Hi Xavier,

Can you explain more detail on how well does httrack 
handle javascript? As there are some javascript in the 
local newspaper site that i want to grab and i just 
managed to grab a few links from the select tag but not 
all. i suspect that 
1. javascript is functioning but only grapping some site 
in the select tag
2. javascript is not functioning at all but maybe because 
of the my setup, i can grap some links in the select tag 
because it appears in other page as an anchor in main 

I want to trace the problem and if needed and if it's 
simple, i would like to add a simple feature to handle 
javascript in select-tag myself.

(by the way, i am using Linux version, just in case if it 
does make a diff.) =) thanks

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