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Subject: Re: About javascript?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/25/2003 07:00
> Can you explain more detail on how well does httrack 
> handle javascript?
The javascript parser is basic ; it detects common caes 
bar.document.write("<img src='images/bar.gif'>");

some other 'obvious' expressions like

are also fetched.

But complex expressions like:
or anything with functions and variables will not be 
checked, as it is too complex for a simple crawler..

> I want to trace the problem and if needed and if it's 
> simple, i would like to add a simple feature to handle 
> javascript in select-tag myself.

Do you mean <select> tags? Form (input, select, options..) 
tags are not parsed, because it generally causes MUCH more 
problems than it solves (the "post" function in http is not 
documented as idempotent, and can cause problems, such as 
a "delete" or "reply" form)

> (by the way, i am using Linux version, just in case if it 
> does make a diff.)

No, the engine is strictly identical ( == 
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