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Subject: CLOSE_WAIT issues still occur
Author: Julian Taylor
Date: 03/04/2003 13:55

Following on from the thread that I started a month or so 
ago [Date: 29/01/2003 00:06] entitled "CLOSE_WAIT problems"

I am still having the same issues with my web-server 
freezing due to server-side tcp-connections staying in the 
CLOSE_WAIT state.  This happens for around 25% of my static 
site generation builds.

Some info:
The site is currently around 8000 files, and takes on 
average 25 minutes to generate from the Tomcat/Cocoon 
webserver application.  This application is quite 
heavyweight and slow - XSLT transformations (hence the need 
to generate the static parts of the site).  There are no 
documented issues with the server components (Apache 
Jakarta Tomcat 4.1, Apache Cocoon 2) that I can find which 
might be causing this and other products (admittedly 
inferior) such as webreaper don't cause these problems.    
I have even deployed the Apache web-server to proxy 
requests to the Tomcat (using mod_jk) to no avail.

Note: I am quite happy to work with you if you decide to 
address this request.  I can deploy and test the system 
rapidly to see if any improvements have been made.



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CLOSE_WAIT issues still occur

03/04/2003 13:55
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