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Subject: Re: CLOSE_WAIT issues still occur
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/04/2003 19:15
> Following on from the thread that I started a month or so 
> ago [Date: 29/01/2003 00:06] entitled 'CLOSE_WAIT 
> I am still having the same issues with my web-server 
> freezing due to server-side tcp-connections staying in 
> CLOSE_WAIT state.  This happens for around 25% of my 
> site generation builds.

Using 3.23-rc?
> I have even deployed the Apache web-server to proxy 
> requests to the Tomcat (using mod_jk) to no avail.

Hum, I doubt this is a java/tomcat problem, mostly 
something wrong between httrack and apache.

I restested on a rather large site, and could only get 
several TIME_WAIT states (this is normal, used ports are 
kept on-hold during few minutes) but no CLOSE_WAIT anymore 
like the old release

Please give more details on options used, version used 
(httrack --version), exact OS and kernel version, and 
netstat -an output by mail ( ; I'll try 
to figure out where the problem can be.
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CLOSE_WAIT issues still occur

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Re: CLOSE_WAIT issues still occur

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