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Subject: *- filter vs. level 0
Author: Nikolay Gerorgiev
Date: 07/05/2001 10:44
The version 3.03 seames to work fine. When I turn off 
the function to check documents it loads in memory and 
scans all the 20,000 URLs in the list file very fast 
and after that continues with real downloading. If I 
switch on this option it takes double the time because 
it furst scans all the files and then starts to 
download. Worse if I do not use level 0 option but 
instedad -* filter as you advised me and the check 
document is on, it first takes it's time to scan the 
links, then starts real downloading but still continues 
to scan links??? my be liks in the files downloaded or 
scaned, links of which I dont have a need, as I wanted 
to download only the URLs in the list with and no 
sub links. 

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07/05/2001 10:44
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