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Subject: Sites w/Frames
Author: Arno Scharl
Date: 03/30/2003 05:39
dear xavier,

thanks for the feedback on our previous question; we 
experimented with the settings and are able to retrieve the 
multimedia content as specified with options/filters. 
however, we still fail to grab the complete homepage in the 
case of frames. presumably, we would have to set the 
mirroring level to 2. excluding .html, we are only grabbing 
the frameset document but not the content of the homepage 
as referenced in the frameset. including .html, we end up 
with all the unwanted documents of the second hierarchical 
layer (e.g. products.html, companyinfo.html etc.).

what we would really try to capture for our research, 
though, is the complete data stream from entering the URL 
until the transfer is finished (assuming no user 

is that possible with httrack?thank you & best regards, arno

> Try Options/Filters,
> -* +*.gif *.jpg +*.png +*.css +*.js

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03/30/2003 05:39
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