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Subject: Re: Sites w/Frames
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/30/2003 09:01
> thanks for the feedback on our previous question; we 
> experimented with the settings and are able to retrieve 
> multimedia content as specified with options/filters. 
> however, we still fail to grab the complete homepage in 
> case of frames. presumably, we would have to set the 
> mirroring level to 2. excluding .html, we are only 
> the frameset document but not the content of the homepage 
> as referenced in the frameset. including .html, we end up 

Don't use the depth option if possible ; filters are 
generally more powerful


-*** +*.gif +*.jpg +*.png 
+*.css +*.js

> what we would really try to capture for our research, 
> though, is the complete data stream from entering the URL 
> until the transfer is finished (assuming no user 
> interaction).
> is that possible with httrack?
The complete site, without any other external (off-site) 
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