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Subject: Egroup message download (for dummies)
Author: Zen Forum
Date: 04/13/2003 19:50
I have been trying for hours to download a certain egroup, 
let us call it mygroup (thats not its name).

My problem is that if I simply tell it to download 


It runs find and dandy, but it spends all of its time 
downloading everything in 


which is simply the index pages of everything in 


but what I REALLY want is to ignore everything in


and simply download all 1100 posts in 


I realize that all the html in /message that I want is named

etc., so one of my experiments was to create a text file 
containing 100 urls


that experiment seemed to be the most successful, but still 
it grabbed all the damned index pages in /messages

I am currently experimenting with a download which does not 
use a text file, but which uses INCLUDE everything in folder

and EXCLUDE everything in folder

also specifying GET HTML FIRST, and disabling the option to 
explore all links even unknown ones...

THIS experiment has been running for 30 minutes, without 
writing one single file, which does not look good, though 
the log claims that it is writing files??
bottom line, i would love to grap all 1100 htmp in /message
in under 6 hours, and omit the useless index pages, and if 
possible even omit photos, jpgs, adds, since all i care 
about is having readable text from each html post.....

If you CAN help me, please be step by step explicit with 
exactly which parameters i need and the exact spelling, 
since i am not a programmer....

thanks a million if you can help...

also, i dont understand the options about external levels 
and internal levels, but I suspect that


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