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Subject: Re: Egroup message download (for dummies)
Author: Zen Forum
Date: 04/14/2003 05:45
I should have mentioned that I am using Windows 98

This most recent experiment has been running some hours now 
(since my previous post).

It seems to be the most successful of my experiments so far.

I decided to specify as URL to download\group\mygroup\message

and then I put an exclude on urls containing\group\mygroup\messages

in their url (to suppress those pesky index pages)

although I notice that index pages from \messages are still 
being written, but not as much as in my other 
experiments ....

but I still would be most grateful for a detailed 
explanation of how to make the download do exactly what I 
want (namely):

1. only grab html posts from the \message

2. do not write index pages from \messages

3. it would be ideal if no pictures were downloaded (since 
they are yahoo ads), but simply the text.

The other thing I notice which is quite bizarre (but this 
is a problem with yahoo groups, and not httrack), is that 
several copies of each post are downloaded, some with a 
pure number name (e.g. 1, 127, 1021)  but also other files 
like 101aef0  (in addtion to 101affa, 101, and 101c5b0).  
Each of those files will be identical when viewed in the 
browser.   Does anyone have any idea what those many 
strange files are?
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
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