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Subject: <b>New release: 3.00RC9!</b>
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/25/2001 21:35
Soon, a new release will be launched. Still in RC, and 
some bugs fixed:

 + Fixed: Connect error/site moved do not delete 
everything anymore!!!!<br>
 + Fixed: Bogus timestamp<br>
 + Fixed: Null chars in HTML bug<br>
 + Fixed: Error pages cache bug<br>

Plus ftime() problem that should be fixed


Oh yes, a new feature, still in testing: the option "-%
eN" which allows you to capture external links with N 
levels! :)<br>Example: -%e1 will capture the website, 
PLUS all external pages with 1 level


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<b>New release: 3.00RC9!</b>

02/25/2001 21:35
Re: <b>New release: 3.00RC9!</b> - Available!

02/26/2001 10:24


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