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Subject: Re: Missed part of website
Author: David Harralson
Date: 04/29/2003 05:20
Hi, Thanks for looking at this.  I have the latest version 
and just reran HTTrack on the page with the same results.  
There is a large area between "Description" and "Preview 
Information" on the web page.  HTTrack just shows the 
line "This item will be sold in a live auction at the 
specified time by the auction house" missing a page full of 
information.  You can see this by juxtaposing the original 
web page next to the web page rendered by HTTrack.  In 
addition, I get two JavaScript errors, one at Line 43 Char 
106, expected ")" and at Line 17 Char 210 expected ")".  I 
get the first one all the time, but not the second.  David
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