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Subject: Flash problem? :(
Author: damir
Date: 05/09/2003 14:52 here is the problem: i tryed to mirror this page..
(just this one --single .. to see how httrack deals with
flash. so i can mirror the rest of it....

here is url:

the swf file is in:

and these are the settigs for this project:
Scan rules: +*.swf
Max mirror depth: 1

after i run winhttrack it just mirrors index.html but
there is no swf file ... i know i could do this manually
but this was just a test for bigger site and i wouldn't
want to manualy change 1000 links :( 

I also tryed adding more rules
but everytime with same result :( 

..can someone help with this?(you can check it by yourself.. since this page
is really 

Thanx in advance

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05/09/2003 14:52
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