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Subject: Re: Flash problem? :(
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/10/2003 08:03
> well ...i've just tryed setting max.depth level to 2... 
> and now everything is just like i wanted it :)...
> ..but im still little confused about max. depth level?> Then what does value
0 do? and what does value 1 do?> since value 2 mirrored just one page i gave
him url for?
Your should generally NOT use the depth level, as filters 
(scan rules) are generally more powerful.

Depth == N is the number of "clicks" from the _top_ index 
(that is, from the generated index.html file)

Depth == 2 will get the first URLs and their childrens
Depth == 1 will only get the first URLs
Depth == 0 will only get the first URLs and won't even scan 
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