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Subject: Unicode and ISO
Author: olga
Date: 05/12/2003 03:00
I'm trying to have an offline version of my web page made 
with Coldfusion using your program. All is working properly 
except one thing. All my web pages have in the beginning 
charset=iso-8859-1, put there by Dreamweaver MX, the 
software I use. When I see them on-line the Explorer 
automatically choose the option UTF-8 (and I can see ok the 
page), but when I see the offline web page I have to 
select, one by one, automatically the option UTF-8, because 
automatically the browser choose ISO European. I don't 
understand why it works in the online version and not in 
the offline. I was looking but I can't find a place where I 
can choose the codification ?? (I don't know if this is the 
word in english). My web pages is (well, 
really it's, emedoble has a 
redirection...) Thanks

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