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Subject: SiteScooper and Plucker Style Mirroring
Author: Trevor Blake
Date: 05/18/2003 08:51
First and foremost - thank you for HTTrack!  I use it often 
in a variety of settings.

Often I would like to mirror a site, but only from a 
particular line of code to another particular line of 
code.  For example, there might be a news source I would 
like to copy daily to read off-line, but only the actual 
news - not the headers and footers and advertisements and 
sidebars, etc.  Site Scooper [1] seems to be capable of 
this - could this feature be added to HTTrack?
Additionally, Plucker [2] has the ability to mirror a 
page 'as if' it were the referring page itself.  For 
example, to view the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip at the 
San Francisco Gate newspaper Web site, you have to convince 
their server that you are 'at' a particular URL.  If you 
try and mirror it without 'being' the referring URL, you 
only get a 'this image not available' graphic instead of 
the comic strip.  Check it out yourself and it will make 
more sense than my description.  Anyway, would it be 
possible to add this feature to HTTrack?
Thanks again!

- Trevor Blake

[1] <>
[2] <>

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SiteScooper and Plucker Style Mirroring

05/18/2003 08:51
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