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Subject: Re: SiteScooper and Plucker Style Mirroring
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/18/2003 09:21
> Often I would like to mirror a site, but only from a 
> particular line of code to another particular line of 
> code.  For example, there might be a news source I would 
> like to copy daily to read off-line, but only the actual 
> news - not the headers and footers and advertisements and 
> sidebars, etc.  Site Scooper [1] seems to be capable of 
> this - could this feature be added to HTTrack?
Err, automatically, not really. You can create a project, 
and capture only what you need, using filters (scan 
rules) ; but there is not yet any "automatic scheduled" 

This could be done, however, with a commandline .bat, and 
the windows scheduler:

- first create your project (example: "FooBar Daily News")

- then, create an update.bat file, which contains:
cd "C:\My Web Sites\FooBar Daily News\"
"C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\httrack.exe" --quiet --update

- then, using the scheduled tasks (start / prefereces), add 
a new task, for example every day, selecting the update.bat 

> Additionally, Plucker [2] has the ability to mirror a 
> page 'as if' it were the referring page itself.  For 
> example, to view the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip at the 
> San Francisco Gate newspaper Web site, you have to 
> their server that you are 'at' a particular URL.  If you 
> try and mirror it without 'being' the referring URL, you 
> only get a 'this image not available' graphic instead of 
> the comic strip.  Check it out yourself and it will make 
> more sense than my description.  Anyway, would it be 
> possible to add this feature to HTTrack?
Err, httrack always sends the http referer according to the 
http RFC ; so it should work. But httrack does not send a 
referer to the FIRST url.

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