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Subject: "File Moved" -- anti-mirroring trick?
Author: Corey
Date: 07/17/2001 21:38
I've been a faithful user of HTTrack for a while. 
Recently I've come across a few sites that seem to 
have a trick up their sleeve for detouring site 
mirroring software. Occasionally when it grabs a 
webpage, *supposedly* their http server will send back 
a re-director to a different URL (usually some sort of 
useless page, or advertisement) in place of the page 
you think you are getting. This is evident in the log 
file "Warning: page has moved from xxxx to yyyyy". 
What i'm trying to determine is what behavior that 
HTTrack exhibits that differs from Internet 
Explorer...I thought at first it might be the Browser 
ID...any ideas anyone?

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"File Moved" -- anti-mirroring trick?

07/17/2001 21:38

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