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Subject: CSS not found/used
Author: Flex
Date: 05/27/2003 16:40
When I download a site and store it in the site-structure 
mode the .css is not used. 
The .css is downloaded (from an external site that I 
included in the filter), but is not found/used. 
When I download the same site and store all files in 1 
directory, the .css is downloaded AND can be found and 
What should I do:
-  move the .css to the root-directory of the downloaded 
structure (how do I do that)?- put all files in 1 directory? (to many files,
not a good 
- other ....
Web Adressess URL:
+*.css +*.js*
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp
Dowloaded Index.html:
<noscript><link rel="stylesheet" 
Downloaded stucture:
> DOGUSDIR\storage\index.html
> BOGUSDIR\\data\css\v11\r1.css
Thank you for your help!

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