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Subject: Re: CSS not found/used
Author: Flex
Date: 05/27/2003 20:43
In my first mail I mentioned the link and the directory-
structure. When I follow the link it brings me to the 
right place (I think ?, I am a dos-user not a unix-user so 
the  ../ gives some problem).
    <noscript><link rel="stylesheet"

    Downloaded stucture:
    > BOGUSDIR\storage\index.html
    > BOGUSDIR\\data\css\v11\r1.css

So from BOGUSDIR\storage\index.html with 
link "../" brings me to
BOGUSDIR\\data\css\v11\r1.css. Right?
The downloaded file is correct and works fine when I 
change the above mentioned link in a hard link. 
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