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Subject: Re: Warning! Read this if you "bought" WinHTTrack
Author: A Concerned Reader
Date: 06/06/2003 05:23
> It was reported that dishonnest people are trying to 
> free/GPL softwares like HTTrack using sites such as 
>, pretending to be an 'authorized reseller', and 
> *without* informing that it was a free (and/or GPL) 
> software.
> If you paid to get this software without being informed 
> that is was a free software, believing that you were 
> a commercial software, it is most probably a rip off.
> In this case, please then contact me ( 
> track the origin of the fraud.
> Thank you!

I am a big supporter of the open source community. I 
believe fully in its concept.

I ran across this software several weeks ago and have just 
now had the time to review and try it out.  I ran across 
this message in your forum and it disturbed me a little.

While I do agree with you about people selling and claming 
to be “authorized resellers” of open source code, I do not 
agree with you that they should be planned from 
distributing it and selling it if they provide the entire 
open source code and without modification.   If that 
person takes the time to download the software and try it 
out, I believe they have the right to pass along their 
time as a “service” to the internet community.   I can’t 
tell you how many times an open source programs have 
caused me problems on my computer that had to be rebuilt 
therefore costing me time and money. Not only that but I 
have downloaded these programs only to find them useless 
and a waste of time.

Like the ‘80’s during the during the shareware craze, 
there were several companies who distributed shareware 
software for a modest fee.  They would review the software 
then provide a description of the software, then 
distributed the software on media.  They charged for this 
service.  One company I have first hand knowledge of know 
off later became the shareware arm of Ziff-Davis. This is  
how they obtained their first shareware library. Another 
form of distribution came in the form of the BBS (Bulletin 
Board System).  The larger more organized systems would 
charge a “membership fee” for accessing these files.  
There again, they were the one who spent the time 
download, reviewing, and organizing these programs.   

While I respect your opinion, I don’t you gave a fair 
assessment before telling people to report these people.

I will continue to charge for my time and service that I 
provide to the internet community.
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