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Subject: no download
Author: celik
Date: 06/09/2003 16:13

My problem did not solve still. I think so you didn't see 
my answer.

You'll see and remember the problem at the bottom. 


Subject: Re: no download 
Author: Xavier Roche 
Date: 29/05/2003 09:08 
> I can not download this site:
> Why?> (If you try, you'll see the problem :)

Can't even connect with a regular browser ; the site seems 
to have troubles. Anyway the first redirection goes to ; therefore you should use (Options/Scan 
rules) something like*

08:51:42 Error: "Receive Time Out" (-2) after 2 retries at 
link (from

Subject: Re: no download 
Author: celik 
Date: 30/05/2003 10:44 

Of course! Already I did it and I am taking below message:

"File has moved from ... to 

I can download this site with another "web site copier" and 
no problem.



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