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Subject: Re: no download
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/09/2003 23:04
> My problem did not solve still. I think so you didn't see 
> my answer.
> You'll see and remember the problem at the bottom. 

The site is using a stupid authentication scheme: ->
2F ->

The third link is identical to the first one, except that a 
cookie was sent to "recognize" the browser. HTTrack is not 
able to download it, because it believes that the third 
link is identical to the first one.

There is no solution using httrack, unfortunately.

But the site is totally broken anyway. Try to disable 
cookies in Internet Explorer or Mozilla and go to : you'll get an endless loop! Mozilla and IE 
also have problems accessing the site (the proxy behind 
does not seems to be totallt RFC compliant)
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