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Subject: Re: Visual C++ .NET 2003 compile problem
Author: Jeannine Pense
Date: 06/28/2003 04:05
How can dowloading any of the programs on this site help 
with my time on exploring the net. I realize it may take 
more than just paying for someone to make my experience 
learning new skills, after all you can't pay for experience 
and know how of how the programing. For I'm sure it takes 
more than If they can so can I. Abracadabra I can do many 
things, even html I just did'nt think educating myself in 
that area was where I was being directed, although It is a 
fascinating thing to simply make things come thogether the 
way the should. simple hey I can do it with a little 
investment years of planning and stradegy and most 
important hard work, even trial and error, hopefully in a 
structured learning enviroment.
     It has been my experience that it takes more than a 
program or a machine to be capable of getting a specific, 
unique,  quality for the doing the best job. Most people 
have  to go through extensive training, yet the most 
experienced make the best qualifications for the position. 
Anyway I can't say that I'm asking to understand why a 
conflict, or a Net compile problem came on configuring 
solutions crossed my path, when I was looking for e-mail 
solution for my future work on the Net.
     I don't have a PHD in computer programing.I would like 
to find a something on password security, and e-mail 
security, programing stability to keep acurate documents 
and my time learning on the internet worth my time and 
energy. Otherwise what is the point if it isn't anymore 
than a wast of time, like to much T.V, or mastering a 
Ninetendo game at eleven years old.
    I'm sure that your company protects your hard work from 
being taken over by hakers, virus problems, even the W2K. 
I'm sorry for not  understanding the effort it takes for 
the complex things that you offer, although I'm sure you 
did'nt obtain it overnight. nonetheless any part of 
experienced developers on the World Wide Web I don't take 
for granted. I will have to know what these programs can do 
and how they can help to be more qualified and equiped with 
todays technology. 
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